Turbulence et cavitation : applications dans les solveurs NSMB et OpenFOAM

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Huang, Chao-Kun;
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  • Subject: HEM | TTV | Écoulement diphasique | [ SPI.MECA.MEFL ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [physics.med-ph]/Fluids mechanics [physics.class-ph] | [SPI.MECA.MEFL]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [physics.med-ph]/Fluids mechanics [physics.class-ph] | Transport equation model | Homogeneous model | Cavitation | Two-phase flow

The objective of this thesis work concerns the study and implement of two cavitation models in the NSMB (Navier-Stokes-Multi-Blocks) flow solver: the Homogeneous Equilibrium Models (HEM) and a void ratio Transport-based Equation Model (TEM). The cavitation phenomenon is... View more
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