Sums of residues on algebraic surfaces and application to coding theory

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Couvreur, Alain;
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  • Journal: Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra,volume 213,issue 12,pages2,201-2,223 (issn: 0022-4049)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.jpaa.2009.03.009
  • Subject: MSC: 14J99, 14J20, 14G50, 94B27 | Residues | Algebra and Number Theory | Differentials | [INFO.INFO-IT]Computer Science [cs]/Information Theory [cs.IT] | [ INFO.INFO-IT ] Computer Science [cs]/Information Theory [cs.IT] | Algebraic surfaces | [ MATH.MATH-AG ] Mathematics [math]/Algebraic Geometry [math.AG] | Computer Science - Information Theory | [MATH.MATH-AG]Mathematics [math]/Algebraic Geometry [math.AG] | [MATH.MATH-IT]Mathematics [math]/Information Theory [math.IT] | [ MATH.MATH-IT ] Mathematics [math]/Information Theory [math.IT] | Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry | Algebraic-geometric codes | 14J99, 14J20, 14G50, 94B27

International audience; In this paper, we study residues of differential 2-forms on a smooth algebraic surface over an arbitrary field and give several statements about sums of residues. Afterwards, using these results we give a new construction of algebraic-geometric c... View more
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