Availability and Market Penetration of GMO Corn and Soybeans

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Bruce A. Babcock; Michael D. Duffy; Robert Wisner;
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    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | fungi

The authors survey various types of GMO (genetically modified organism) corn and soybeans, including both pest-resistant and herbicide-resistant varieties, and then evaluate the extent to which farmers have begun to use GMO crops. Figures cited include percentages of ac... View more
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    1. KnockOut and NatureGard. Bt toxin gene: CrylAb. Genetic event name: 176. Developed and marketed by CIBA Seeds (now Novartis), and Mycogen. Approved for sale in August 1995. Commercial sales started in 1996.

    2. Bt-Xtra. Bt-toxin gene: CrylAb. Genetic event names: DeKalBt and DBT418. Developed and marketed by DeKalb (now part of Monsanto). It was approved for sale in March 1997 and commercial sales started in 1997.

    3. YieldGard. Bt toxin gene: CrylAc. Genetic event names: Mon810 and Bt11. YieldGard was developed by Monsanto and Northrup King (now Novartis) and is marketed by Pioneer Hi-Bred, Cargill, DeKalb, and Golden Harvest. The Monsanto event was

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