Foundations of topological racks and quandles

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Mohamed Moutuou, El-Kaioum; Elhamdadi, Mohamed;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1142/S0218216516400022
  • Subject: Mathematics - Algebraic Topology | Mathematics - Rings and Algebras | Mathematics - Quantum Algebra | 57M25, 20E22, 22E41 | Mathematics - Geometric Topology
    arxiv: Mathematics::Geometric Topology | Mathematics::Quantum Algebra | Computer Science::Robotics | Mathematics::Category Theory

We give a foundational account on topological racks and quandles. Specifically, we define the notions of ideals, kernels, units, and inner automorphism group in the context of topological racks. Further, we investigate topological rack modules and principal rack bundles... View more
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