Low-cost multilevel microchannel lab on chip: DF- 1000 series dry film photoresist as a promising enabler

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Courson, Rémi; Cargou, Sébastien; Conédéra, Véronique; Fouet, Marc; Blatché, Marie-Charline; Serpentini, C.L.; Gué, Anne-Marie;
  • Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1039/c4ra09097g
  • Subject: [CHIM.MATE]Chemical Sciences/Material chemistry | [CHIM.POLY]Chemical Sciences/Polymers | [ CHIM.MATE ] Chemical Sciences/Material chemistry | [ CHIM.POLY ] Chemical Sciences/Polymers

International audience; We demonstrate the use of a novel dry film photoresist DF-1000 series for the fabrication of multilevel microfluidic devices by combining a standard lithography technique and lamination technology. The optimization of the technological process en... View more
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