Length-weight relationship of fishes from coral reefs and lagoons of New Caledonia : an update

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Letourneur, Y.; Kulbicki, M.; Labrosse, P.;
  • Journal: volume 21,issue 4,pages39-46
  • Subject: RECIF CORALLIEN | ECHANTILLONNAGE | POISSON MARIN | Length-weight relationships, Reef fish, Coral reefs, Lagoon fisheries, Reef fisheries, New Caledonia, Pisces | Fisheries | MANGROVE | METHODE DE CAPTURE | ALLOMETRIE | LAGON
    • jel: jel:Q00

Length-weight relationships of 316 reef and lagoon fish from New Caledonia (SW Pacific Ocean) belonging to 68 families are computed. A total of 43,750 individuals was used for this purpose. Fish were sampled by different techniques such as rotenone poisoning, handline a... View more
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