Système multiprocesseur à base de réseau sur puce destiné au traitement de la radio logicielle et la radio cognitive

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Taj , Muhammad Imran;
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  • Subject: MPSoC | Artificial Neural Networks | Prédiction de l'evolution spectrale | SDR waveform | [ SPI.OTHER ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Other | CR Transceiver multinormes | Système Multiprocesseurs sur Puce | Réseaux de Neurones Artificiels | Spectrum Evolution Prediction | Radio Logicielle | CR Multi-standard Transceiver

Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Cognitive Radio (CR) are entering mainstream. These high performance and high adaptability requiring devices with agile frequency operations hold promise to :1. address the inconsistency between hardware and software advancements, 2. rea... View more
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