Guides d’onde en verres et vitrocéramiques fluorés dopés terre rare élaborés par PVD pour l’émission dans le visible et la conversion de fréquence

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
Dieudonné , Belto;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Physical vapor deposition (PVD) | [ CHIM.OTHE ] Chemical Sciences/Other | Guides d’onde | Terre rare | Spectroscopy | Spectroscopie | Down-conversion | Rare earth | Dépôt physique par phase vapeur | Fluoride glass | Glass-ceramic | Verre fluoré | Up-conversion | Waveguide | Vitrocéramique

The project joins in the development of miniaturized laser sources RGB for display and videoprojection, frequency conversion in solar cells.Fluoride glasses ZLAG ( ZrF4-LaF3-AlF3-GaF3) co-doped with rare earths were studied. This glass has a low phonon energy, a strong ... View more
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