Development and structure of juvenile crime in the Czech Republic

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Baščíková, Veronika (2011)
  • Subject: deliquency - juvenile - development; kriminalita - mládež - vývoj

ANGLICKÝ ABSTRAKT Development and structure of juvenile crime in the Czech Republic The purpose of my thesis is to provide a comprehensive analysis of juvenile crime, especially in view of its causes, specific features, development and structure. I am convinced that knowledge about current situation of juvenile crime helps to deal with the most important issues of this dangerous social phenomenon. The thesis is composed of five chapters, each of them divided into parts. At first, there is an introduction after which comes Chapter one that defines the basic terminology used in this thesis. Chapter two deals with history of the criminal law access to delinquent youth in the territory of the Czech Republic since 1918 until now. Chapter three is subdivided into three parts. Part one focuses on the difference between registered and latent crime. Part two analyzes the specific characteristics of juvenile crime. Part three looks for the reasons why a minor commits a crime. Chapter four also consists of three parts. Part one describes the development of the general crime regardless of the age of the offenders. Part two addresses the issue of development of the child and adolescent crime between 1989 and 2013 including the extent of its detection. Part three subsequently investigates a detailed analysis of the...
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