Neuropeptide S (NPS) receptor genotype modulates basolateral amygdala responsiveness to aversive stimuli

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Dannlowski, Udo; Kugel, Harald; Franke, Friederike; Stuhrmann, Anja; Hohoff, Christa; Zwanzger, Peter; Lenzen, Thomas; Grotegerd, Dominik; Suslow, Thomas; Arolt, Volker; Heindel, Walter; Domschke, Katharina;
  • Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
  • Identifiers: pmc: PMC3154106, doi: 10.1038/npp.2011.73
  • Subject: Neuropeptide S | Amygdala | Mood | Stress Disorders | Neurogenetics | Neuropeptides | Imaging | fMRI | Original Article | Anxiety | Emotion | Clinical or Preclinical
    mesheuropmc: psychological phenomena and processes | nervous system

International audience; Recent studies point to a role of neuropeptide S (NPS) in the etiology of anxiety disorders. In animal models, NPS and its receptor (NPSR) were shown to be highly expressed in the amygdala, a central structure in the fear circuit, also known to b... View more
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