Depigmented Allergoids Reveal New Epitopes with Capacity to Induce IgG Blocking Antibodies

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López-Matas, M. Angeles; Gallego, Mayte; Iraola, Víctor; Robinson, Douglas; Carnés, Jerónimo;
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  • Journal: BioMed Research International,volume 2,013 (issn: 2314-6133, eissn: 2314-6141)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1155/2013/284615, pmc: PMC3816019
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    mesheuropmc: chemical and pharmacologic phenomena

Background. The synthesis of allergen-specific blocking IgGs that interact with IgE after allergen immunotherapy (SIT) has been related to clinical efficacy. The objectives were to investigate the epitope specificity of IgG-antibodies induced by depigmented-polymerized ... View more
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