Current status data with competing risks: Consistency and rates of Convergence of the MLE

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Groeneboom, Piet; Maathuis, Marloes H.; Wellner, Jon A.;
  • Publisher: The Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • Journal: issn: 0090-5364
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1214/009053607000000974
  • Subject: 62G05 | Mathematics - Statistics Theory | 62N01 | Survival analysis | maximum likelihood | competing risks | rate of convergence | 62G20 | current status data | 62N01, 62G20 (Primary) 62G05 (Secondary) | consistency
    arxiv: Statistics::Theory

We study nonparametric estimation of the sub-distribution functions for current status data with competing risks. Our main interest is in the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator (MLE), and for comparison we also consider a simpler “naive estimator.” Both types of... View more
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