Glacial Lake Pickering: Stratigraphy and chronology of a proglacial lake dammed by the North Sea Lobe of the British-Irish Ice Sheet

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Evans, David J.A.; Bateman, Mark D.; Roberts, David H.; Medialdea, Alicia; Hayes, Laura; Duller, Geoff A.T.; Fabel, Derek; Clark, C.D.;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1002/jqs.2833
  • Subject: Sherburn Sands. | Glacial Lake Pickering | North Sea Lobe | British–Irish Ice Sheet | OSL dating

We report the first chronology, using four new optically stimulated luminescence dates, on the sedimentary record of Glacial Lake Pickering, dammed by the North Sea Lobe of the British–Irish Ice Sheet during the Dimlington Stadial (24–11 ka cal BP). Dates range from 17.... View more
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