Life satisfaction

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Kapteyn, Arie; Smith, James P.; van Soest, Arthur;
  • Publisher: Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
  • Subject: Lebenszufriedenheit | reporting bias | USA | D31 | Niederlande | I31 | Meinung | J28 | Happiness | happiness, life satisfaction, vignettes, reporting bias | Einkommen | vignettes | life satisfaction | Vergleich
    • jel: jel:D31 | jel:I31 | jel:J28
      ddc: ddc:330

The authors analyze the determinants of global life satisfaction in two countries (The Netherlands and the U.S.), by using both self-reports and responses to a battery of vignette questions. They find global life satisfaction of happiness is well-described by four domai... View more
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