VARP Is Recruited on to Endosomes by Direct Interaction with Retromer, Where Together They Function in Export to the Cell Surface

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Hesketh, Geoffrey G.; Pérez-Dorado, Inmaculada; Jackson, Lauren P.; Wartosch, Lena; Schäfer, Ingmar B.; Gray, Sally R.; McCoy, Airlie J.; Zeldin, Oliver B.; Garman, Elspeth F.; Harbour, Michael E.; Evans, Philip R.; Seaman, Matthew N.J.; Luzio, J. Paul; Owen, David J.;

Summary VARP is a Rab32/38 effector that also binds to the endosomal/lysosomal R-SNARE VAMP7. VARP binding regulates VAMP7 participation in SNARE complex formation and can therefore influence VAMP7-mediated membrane fusion events. Mutant versions of VARP that cannot bin... View more
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