André Lefevere and his Manipulation School

Doctoral thesis, Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Šmrha, Jan (2015)
  • Subject: patronage; rewriting; pojmové sítě; patronát; refrakce; sociology of translation; manipulační škola; sociologie překladu; přepisování; kulturní kapitál; textual grids; textové sítě; cultural capital; cultural turn; kulturní obrat; refraction; conceptual grids; André Lefevere; Manipulation School

This theoretical and historiographical thesis examines the theoretical work of the Translation Studies scholar André Lefevere. It focuses primarily on the analysis of Lefevere's work in the context of the development of Translation Studies (particularly in connection with the development of Descriptive Translation Studies, the formation of the "Manipulation School" and the cultural and sociological turns in Translation Studies). The thesis covers Lefevere's theoretical underpinnings, the gradual development of his theoretical model and his contribution to the development of the discipline, with special regard to the integration of sociocultural aspects into translation research. Also included is an overview of the most significant critical responses to Lefevere's work and of the applications of his model in empirical research. Powered by TCPDF (
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