NoSQL databases

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Mrozek, Jakub (2012)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: NoSQL databáze; DBMS; CAP theorem; Databáze; database systems; Database; CAP teorém; SŘBD; Apache Cassandra; NoSQL databases; databázové systémy | CouchDB; databáze; NoSQL; database; MongoDB; Titan; Redis; RavenDB; OrientDB; Neo4j; Riak; Memcached; Cassandra
    acm: InformationSystems_DATABASEMANAGEMENT

This thesis deals with database systems referred to as NoSQL databases. In the second chapter, I explain basic terms and the theory of database systems. A short explanation is dedicated to database systems based on the relational data model and the SQL standardized query language. Chapter Three explains the concept and history of the NoSQL databases, and also presents database models, major features and the use of NoSQL databases in comparison with traditional database systems. In the fourth chapter I focus on the various representatives of NoSQL databases, in particular the ones that are most frequently used. In the next chapter, I have taken a practical look at a NoSQL database, specifically Apache Cassandra. I briefly describe the steps required to launch Apache Cassandra and its administration tools. In this practically-oriented chapter, I also show basic operations performed over a sample database using Cassandra CLI, its interactive command line interface. The purpose of this chapter is to make the reader familiar with the method of working with the Apache Cassandra database system and to point out some of its specific aspects. The primary objective of this thesis is to acquaint readers with the most important features and representatives of NoSQL databases and the potential for their practical use.
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