Accounting outsourcing

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Klečacká, Tereza;
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: outsourcing contract; collaboration; outsourcing účetnictví; outsourcingová smlouva; accounting outsourcing; advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing; průběh spolupráce; výhody a nevýhody outsourcingu | Offshoring účetnictví; Výhody a nevýhody outsourcingu; Outsourcing účetnictví; Accounting outsourcing; Accounting offshoring; Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing | Výhody a nevýhody outsourcingu; Service agreement; Collaboration; Advantages and disadvantages; Outsourcing účetnictví; Outsourcingová smlouva; Accounting outsourcing; Průběh spolupráce

This thesis gives a complex view on accounting outsourcing, deals with the outsourcing process from its beginning (condition of collaboration, making of contract), through collaboration to its possible ending. This work defines outsourcing, indicates the main advatages,... View more
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