Software Development Process Improvement in Datacom Platform

Master thesis English OPEN
Trabelsi, Walid (2008)
  • Publisher: Universitetet i Agder / University of Agder
  • Subject: IKT590

Masteroppgave i Informasjons- og Kommunikasjonsteknologi 2008, Universitetet i Agder, Grimstad Ericsson Mobile Platform (EMP) is responsible of the development of a software platform and also to some extend responsible for related hardware parts. EMP is developing the data communication parts of the platform which is used by EMP customers. The platform development is done in large development programs and each program span over a quite a long time period. However, as we see every day in the shops mobile phone manufactures are launching new models more or less every month. EMP has many different mobile phone manufactures on its customer list and in order to meet their requirements/wishes, they need to add new functionality to the platform. The platforms are going to be released in the very near future or are half way in the development or in the start up process. The simple image that summarizes the problem is that adding new functionality to projects, which are in the conclusion phase, is not easy without delaying the project. Thus, our intention in this thesis is to study how new functionalities in datacom platform could be added without jeopardizing the existing architecture of the running development projects of Ericsson. A solution that achieves fast process with high quality output and handles a customer requirement (CR) has been proposed in an efficient way. This is done by looking into current processes, working methods, tools, etc... Afterwards, a new mechanism has been investigated based on Test-Driven Development (TDD) as a main practice in Extreme Programming (XP). TDD is a method that recommends writing the tests at the same time, or even before the function to be tested. Verification of the proposed solution that explores an improvement in software development process is done by analysing, designing and implementing a new functionality related to Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). The performance has been demonstrated first by spending less time in development phase. Thus, customer satisfaction can be reached with reducing time to market. In addition, writing high quality code within minor errors and bugs has been noticed. Consequently, improving product quality and reducing the cost of project can be achieved.
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