DEPFET active pixel detectors for a future linear $e^{+}e^{-}$ collider

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Alonso, O.; Casanova, R.; Dieguez, A.; Dingfelder, J.; Hemperek, T.; Kleinohl, T. Kishishita amd T.; Koch, M.; Krueger, H.; Lemarenko, M.; Luetticke, F.; Marinas, C.; Schnell, M.; Wermes, N.; Campbell, A.; Ferber, T.; Kleinwort, C.; Niebuhr, C.; Soloviev, Y.; Steder, M.; Volkenborn, R.; Yaschenko, S.; Fischer, P.; Kreidl, C.; Peric, I.; Knopf, J.; Ritzert, M.; Curras, E.; Lopez-Virto, A.; Moya, D.; Vila, I.; ... view all 87 authors
  • Publisher: IEEE
  • Journal: issn: 1558-1578
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1109/TNS.2013.2245680
  • Subject: Detectors and Experimental Techniques | Advanced infrastructures for detector R&D [9] | Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors | Física | High Energy Physics - Experiment | Precision Pixel Detectors [9.3]
    • ddc: ddc:620
    arxiv: Physics::Instrumentation and Detectors | High Energy Physics::Experiment

The DEPFET collaboration develops highly granular, ultra-transparent active pixel detectors for high-performance vertex reconstruction at future collider experiments. The characterization of detector prototypes has proven that the key principle, the integration of a fir... View more
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