Are APOE ɛ genotype and TOMM40 poly-T repeat length associations with cognitive ageing mediated by brain white matter tract integrity?

Article English OPEN
Lyall, D.M.; Harris, S.E.; Bastin, M.E.; Muñoz Maniega, S.; Murray, C.; Lutz, M.W.; Saunders, A.M.; Roses, A.D.; Valdés Hernández, M. del C.; Royle, N.A.; Starr, J.M.; Porteous, D.J.; Wardlaw, J.M.; Deary, I.J.;

Genetic polymorphisms in the APOE ε and TOMM40 ‘523’ poly-T repeat gene loci have been associated with significantly increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This study investigated the independent effects of these polymorphisms on human cognitive ageing, and the extent t... View more
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