Colobopsis explodens sp. n., model species for studies on “exploding ants” (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), with biological notes and first illustrations of males of the Colobopsis cylindrica group

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Laciny, Alice; Zettel, Herbert; Kopchinskiy, Alexey; Pretzer, Carina; Pal, Anna; Salim, Kamariah Abu; Rahimi, Mohammad Javad; Hoenigsberger, Michaela; Lim, Linda; Jaitrong, Weeyawat; Druzhinina, Irina S.;
  • Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
  • Journal: ZooKeys,issue 751,pages1-40 (issn: 1313-2970, eissn: 1313-2989)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3897/zookeys.751.22661, pmc: PMC5919914
  • Subject: molecular biology | new species | Research Article | autothysis behavioural ecology Camponotini Colobopsis Formicidae integrative taxonomy male morphology molecular biology morphometry new species new status new synonymy phylogeny Southeast Asia taxonomy | QL1-991 | morphometry | taxonomy | Animalia | Formicidae | Evolutionary biology | Biodiversity & Conservation | Ecology & Environmental sciences | Colobopsis | Southeast Asia | Insecta | Vespoidea | integrative taxonomy | new synonymy | behavioural ecology | Asia | Arthropoda | Systematics | male morphology | Hymenoptera | Camponotini | phylogeny | autothysis | new status | Zoology

A taxonomic description of all castes of Colobopsis explodens Laciny & Zettel, sp. n. from Borneo, Thailand, and Malaysia is provided, which serves as a model species for biological studies on “exploding ants” in Southeast Asia. The new species is a member of th... View more
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