Tau/Charm Factory Accelerator Report

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Biagini, M. E. ; Boni, R. ; Boscolo, M. ; Chiarucci, A. ; Cimino, R. ; Clozza, A. ; Drago, A. ; Guiducci, S. ; Ligi, C. ; Mazzitelli, G. ; Ricci, R. ; Sanelli, C. ; Serio, M. ; Stella, A. ; Tomassini, S. ; Bini, S. ; Cioeta, F. ; Cittadino, D. ; D'Agostino, M. ; Del Franco, M. ; Piane, A. Delle ; Di Pasquale, E. ; Frascadore, G. ; Gazzana, S. ; Gargana, R. ; Incremona, S. ; Michelotti, A. ; Sabbatini, L. ; Schillaci, G. ; Sedita, M. ... view all 36 authors (2013)
  • Subject: Physics - Accelerator Physics

The present Report concerns the current status of the Italian Tau/Charm accelerator project and in particular discusses the issues related to the lattice design, to the accelerators systems and to the associated conventional facilities. The project aims at realizing a variable energy Flavor Factory between 1 and 4.6 GeV in the center of mass, and succeeds to the SuperB project from which it inherits most of the solutions proposed in this document. The work comes from a cooperation involving the INFN Frascati National Laboratories accelerator experts, the young newcomers, mostly engineers, of the Cabibbo Lab consortium and key collaborators from external laboratories.
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