Evaluation of Remote Collaborative Manipulation for Scientific Data Analysis

Conference object English OPEN
Fleury , Cédric ; Duval , Thierry ; Gouranton , Valérie ; Steed , Anthony (2012)
  • Publisher: ACM
  • Subject: ACM : H.: Information Systems/H.5: INFORMATION INTERFACES AND PRESENTATION (e.g., HCI)/H.5.3: Group and Organization Interfaces/H.5.3.5: Synchronous interaction | ACM : I.: Computing Methodologies/I.3: COMPUTER GRAPHICS/I.3.7: Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism/I.3.7.6: Virtual reality | ACM : I.: Computing Methodologies/I.3: COMPUTER GRAPHICS/I.3.6: Methodology and Techniques/I.3.6.3: Interaction techniques | [ INFO.INFO-GR ] Computer Science [cs]/Graphics [cs.GR]

International audience; In the context of scientific data analysis, we propose to compare a remote collaborative manipulation technique with a single user manipulation technique. The manipulation task consists in positioning a clipping plane in order to perform cross-sections of scientific data which show several points of interest located inside this data. For the remote collaborative manipulation, we have chosen to use the 3-hand manipulation technique proposed by Aguerreche et al. which is very suitable with a remote manipulation of a plane. We ran two experiments to compare the two manipulation techniques with some participants located in two different countries. These experiments showed that the remote collaborative manipulation technique was significantly more efficient than the single user manipulation when the three points of interest were far from each other inside the scientific data and, consequently, when the manipulation task was harder and required more precision. When the three points of interest were close from each other, there was not significant difference between the two manipulation techniques.
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