Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China

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Dazhong Dong ; Yuman Wang ; Xinjing Li ; Caineng Zou ; Quanzhong Guan ; Chenchen Zhang ; Jinliang Huang ; Shufang Wang ; Hongyan Wang ; Honglin Liu ; Wenhua Bai ; Feng Liang ; Wen Lin ; Qun Zhao ; Dexun Liu ; Zhen Qiu (2016)
  • Publisher: KeAi
  • Journal: Natural Gas Industry B, volume 3, issue 1, pages 12-26 (issn: 2352-8540)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.ngib.2016.02.002
  • Subject: Shale gas field | Gas industry | Enlightenment | New progress | TP751-762 | Super-large gas province | Effective resource | South China | Development prospect

In the past five years, shale gas exploration and development has grown in a leaping-forward way in China. Following USA and Canada, China is now the third country where industrial shale gas production is realized, with the cumulative production exceeding 60 × 108 m3 until the end of 2015. In this paper, the main achievements of shale gas exploration and development in China in recent years were reviewed and the future development prospect was analyzed. It is pointed out that shale gas exploration and development in China is, on the whole, still at its early stage. Especially, marine shale gas in the Sichuan Basin has dominated the recent exploration and development. For the realization of shale gas scale development in China, one key point lies in the breakthrough and industrial production of transitional facies and continental facies shale gas. Low–moderate yield of shale gas wells is the normal in China, so it is crucial to develop key exploration and development technologies. Especially, strictly controlling single well investment and significantly reducing cost are the important means to increase shale gas exploration and development benefits. And finally, suggestions were proposed in five aspects. First, continuously strengthen theoretical and technical researches, actively carry out appraisal on shale gas “sweet spots”, and gradually accumulate development basis. Second, stress on primary evaluation of exploration and development, highlight the effective implementation of shale gas resources, and control the rhythm of appraisal drilling and productivity construction. Third, highlight fine description and evaluation of shale gas reservoirs and increase the overall development level. Fourth, intensify the research on exploration and development technologies in order to stand out simple and practical technologies with low costs. And fifth, summarize the experiences in fast growth of shale gas exploration and development, highlight the demonstration and evaluation of key indicators, and try to achieve more breakthroughs and replacement in new areas, new domains and new strata.
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