Active surveillance of bat rabies in France: a 5-year study (2004-2009)

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Picard-Meyer, Evelyne; Dubourg-Savage, Marie-Jo; Arthur, Laurent; Barataud, Michel; Bécu, David; Bracco, Sandrine; Borel, Christophe; Larcher, Gérald; Meme-Lafond, Benjamin; Moinet, Marie; Robardet, Emmanuelle; Wasniewski, Marine; Cliquet, Florence;
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International audience; Active surveillance of bats in France started in 2004 with an analysis of 18 of the 45 bat species reported in Europe. Rabies antibodies were detected in six indigenous species, mainly in and , suggesting previous contact with the EBLV-1 rabies v... View more
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