Mosaic maternal ancestry in the Great Lakes region of East Africa

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Gomes, Verónica; Pala, Maria; Salas, Antonio; Álvarez‑Iglesias, Vanesa; Amorim, António; Gómez‑Carballa, Alberto; Carracedo, Ángel; Clarke, Douglas J.; Hill, Catherine; Mormina, Maru; Shaw, Marie‑Anne; Dunne, David W.; Pereira, Rui; Pereira, Vânia; Prata, Maria João; Sánchez‑Diz, Paula; Rito, Teresa; Soares, Pedro; Gusmão, Leonor; Richards, Martin B.;

The Great Lakes lie within a region of East Africa with very high human genetic diversity, home of many ethno-linguistic groups usually assumed to be the product of a small number of major dispersals. However, our knowledge of these dispersals relies primarily on the in... View more
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