Automatic Generation of Safe Handlers for Multi-Task Systems

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Rutten , Éric ; Marchand , Hervé (2004)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3233/JEC-2009-0097
  • Subject: DISCRETE CONTROL SYNTHESIS | [ INFO.INFO-OH ] Computer Science [cs]/Other [cs.OH] | SYNCHRONOUS PROGRAMMING | REAL-TIME SYSTEMS | [ INFO.INFO-SE ] Computer Science [cs]/Software Engineering [cs.SE] | SAFE DESIGN

We are interested in the programming of real-time control systems, such as in robotic, automotive or avionic systems. They are designed with multiple tasks, each with multiple modes. It is complex to design task handlers that control the switching of activities in order to insure safety properties of the global system. We propose a model of tasks in terms of transition systems, designed especially with the purpose of applying existing discrete controller synthesis techniques. This provides us with a systematic methodology, for the automatic generation of safe task handlers, with the support of synchronous languages and associated tools for compilation and formal computation.
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