A new karyotype of <em>Calomyscus</em> from the Khorasan Province, Iran

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Somayeh, Esmaeeli; Jamshid, Darvish; Farhang, Haddad; Fereshteh, Ghasemzadeh;

&lt;strong&gt;Abstract&lt;/strong&gt;&#13; We report a new karyotype of &lt;em&gt;Calomyscus&lt;/em&gt; from two localities of the Khorasan Province (Aghdarband, 36° 11’ 3”N, 60° 44’ 6” E and Khajemorad, 36° 8’ 5” N, 59° 41’ 58” E). Chromosomes were examined by conventi... View more
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