Etudes comparatives de différents processus de séchage de fraise par air chaud, lyophilisation et autovaporisation instantanée : application à la préservation des contenus biologiques

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Alonzo Macias , Maritza;
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  • Subject: Séchage par air chaud | Freeze drying | Fraise | [ SPI.OTHER ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Other | Hot air drying | Swell drying | Strawberry | Texture analysis and snacking | Lyophilisation | Analyse de texture et snack

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of hot air drying (HAD), freeze-drying (FD) and swell drying (SD), which is a coupling of hot air drying to instant controlled pressure drop, (DIC) on the strawberry (Fragaria var. Camarosa) to compare and to contrast its... View more
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