Patent Office Governance and Patent System Quality

Research, Preprint OPEN
Picard, Pierre; van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno;
  • Subject: Public firm organization | Patent system; Quality; intellectual property; Public firm organization | L30 | Intellectual Property Rights | O31 | O30 | General [Technological Change; Research and Development] | Quality | O34 | intellectual property | Processes and Incentives [Innovation and Invention] | intellectual property; Patent system; public firm organization; quality | O38 | Patent system | General [Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise] | Economie | Government Policy [Technological Change] | Patent system, quality, intellectual property, public firm organization
    • jel: jel:O38 | jel:O30 | jel:L30 | jel:O34 | jel:O31

The present paper discusses the role of quality in patent systems from the perspective of patent offices' behavior and organization. After documenting original stylized facts, the paper presents a model in which patent offices set patent fees and the quality level of th... View more
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