Investigation of novel bioactive rapidly resorbable bone substitute materials and their influence on osteoblastic cell differentiation in vivo

Doctoral thesis German OPEN
Jonscher, Sebastian;
  • Publisher: Freie Universität Berlin Universitätsbibliothek, Garystr. 39, 14195 Berlin
  • Subject: 610 Medizin und Gesundheit | 610 Medical sciences; Medicine | histostmorphometry | bone substitute | biodegadation | bone graft | calcium-alkali-orthophosphate | immunhistochemistry
    • ddc: ddc:610

Among the various techniques to reconstruct or enlarge a deficient alveolar ridge, the concept of guided bone regeneration (GBR) has become a predictable and well-documented surgical approach. At present, autogenous bone grafts are preferably combined with barrier membr... View more
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