What influences buying leisure services coupons on online group buying?

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Langviniene, Neringa; Zemblyte, Jurgita; Sliziene, Gelmine;
  • Journal: Inžinerinė ekonomika,volume 2,016,pages345-356 (issn: 1392-2785)
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  • Subject: Intention to Buy | Lithuania ; Influences ; Intention to buy ; Leisure services ; Coupons ; Online group buying (OGB) ; Customer | Coupons | Influences | Leisure Services | Online Group Buying (OGB) | Customer.

Growing use of IT, laptops, tablets, PC in individuals' life shaped an opportunity to create online group buying (OGB) as a new online business model. Several of surveys show that OGB is rather popular for selling recreational activities and leisure services, such as re... View more
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