On two-spectra inverse problems

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Guliyev, Namig;
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1090/proc/15155
  • Subject: Mathematical Physics | [MATH.MATH-SP]Mathematics [math]/Spectral Theory [math.SP] | [MATH.MATH-CA]Mathematics [math]/Classical Analysis and ODEs [math.CA] | Mathematics - Spectral Theory | Mathematics - Classical Analysis and ODEs | one-dimensional Schrödinger equation | boundary conditions dependent on the eigenvalue parameter | two-spectra inverse problem | [PHYS.MPHY]Physics [physics]/Mathematical Physics [math-ph] | [MATH.MATH-FA]Mathematics [math]/Functional Analysis [math.FA] | 34A55, 34B07, 34B24, 34L40, 47A75, 47E05 | Mathematics - Functional Analysis
    arxiv: Mathematics::Spectral Theory | Mathematics::Functional Analysis

International audience; We consider a two-spectra inverse problem for the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation with boundary conditions containing rational Herglotz–Nevanlinna functions of the eigenvalue parameter and provide a complete solution of this problem.
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