Cellules solaires de type hétérojonction en volume basées sur des copolymères à bande interdite étroite et sur des dérivés solubles du fullerène

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Ibraikulov , Olzhas;
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  • Subject: Organic solar cells | [ SPI.NANO ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Micro and nanotechnologies/Microelectronics | Organic semiconductors | Space-charge limited current diodes | Organic field-effect transistors | [ SPI.TRON ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electronics | Cellules solaires organiques | Transistors organiques à effet de champ | Semi-conducteurs organiques | Diodes à courant limité à charge spatiale | Charge transport | Transport de charges

The chemical structure of organic semiconductors that are utilized in bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells may strongly influence the final device performances. Thus, better understanding the structure-property relationships still remains a major task towards high eff... View more
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