Comparative evaluation of PSA-Density, percent free PSA and total PSA

Doctoral thesis German OPEN
Ströbel, Greta;
  • Publisher: Freie Universität Berlin Universitätsbibliothek, Garystr. 39, 14195 Berlin
  • Subject: 610 Medizin und Gesundheit | 610 Medical sciences; Medicine | prostate carcinoma &#8226 | prostate-specific antigen density | prostate-specific antigen &#8226 | area under the receiver operating characteristic curve &#8226
    • ddc: ddc:610

BACKGROUND <br> The objective of this study was to evaluate the prostate specific antigen (PSA) density (PSAD) (the quotient of PSA and prostate volume) compared with the percent free PSA (%fPSA) and total PSA (tPSA) in different total PSA (tPSA) ranges from 2 ng/mL ... View more
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