Etude de l’hybridation inter-spécifique entre espèces du genre Coffea en Nouvelle-Calédonie : distribution des niches favorables et structuration de la diversité

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
Gomez , Céline;
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  • Subject: Genetic Diversity | NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE | [SDV.BID] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Biodiversity | STRUCTURE GENETIQUE | DISTRIBUTION SPATIALE | DIVERSITE GENETIQUE | INTRODUCTION D'ESPECES | [SDV.SA.AGRO] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Agricultural sciences/Agronomy | Coffea | CAFE | NICHE ECOLOGIQUE | HYBRIDATION INTERSPECIFIQUE | [ SDV.BID ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Biodiversity | ANALYSE GENETIQUE | New Caledonia | [ SDV.SA.AGRO ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Agricultural sciences/Agronomy

Coffee trees are originated from inter-tropical forests of Africa and Madagascar and their diversification origin areas are highly threatened. Among the 103 species of the Coffea genus, only three are cultivated: C. arabica, C. canephora and C. liberica. C. canephora ha... View more
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