Bee Wax Propolis Extract as Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors for 304SS in Sulfuric Acid

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Gapsari, Femiana ; Soenoko, Rudy ; Suprapto, Agus ; Suprapto, Wahyono (2015)
  • Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
  • Journal: International Journal of Corrosion (issn: 1687-9325, eissn: 1687-9333)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1155/2015/567202
  • Subject: TA401-492 | Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials | Article Subject

The inhibition properties of bee wax propolis (BWP) extract on the 304SS in 0.5 M sulfuric acid were conducted using potentiodynamic polarization, EIS, and XRD. Quercetin (2-(3.4-dihydroxy phenyl)-3.5.7-trihydroxy-4H-chromen-4-one) was identified as the main compound in the BWP extract based on FTIR and HPLC analysis. The results showed that the inhibitor could retard the corrosion rate of 304SS in 0.5 M sulfuric acid which reached 97.29% and 91.42% at 2000 ppm based on potentiodynamic polarization and EIS measurement, respectively. The inhibition efficiency decreased with increasing temperature. The inhibition mechanism of BWP extract on the 304SS was physisorption and obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm equation. The thin protective layer on the 304SS surface was confirmed by XRD.
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