Musical rhythms and their influence on P300 velocity in young females Ritmos musicais diferentes: influência da velocidade no P300 em jovens mulheres

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Sá, Cintia Ishii de; Pereira, Liliane Desguado;
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  • Journal: Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (issn: 1808-8694, eissn: 1808-8686)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1590/S1808-86942011000200004
  • Subject: p300 | potencial evocado p300 | RF1-547 | auditory | hearing | event-related potentials, p300 | event-related potentials | audição | evoked potentials | potenciais evocados auditivos | Otorhinolaryngology

Exposure to music may be useful in the P300 retest and avoid habituation. AIM: To verify the influence of the exposure to different kinds of music in P300 in young females. STUDY DESIGN: Clinical prospective. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Forty-five women aged from 20 to 36 year... View more
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