A“Proteoglycan Targeting Strategy” for the Scintigraphic Imaging and Monitoring of the Swarm Rat Chondrosarcoma Orthotopic Model

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Caroline Peyrode; François Gouin; Aurélien Vidal; Philippe Auzeloux; Sophie Besse; Marie-Mélanie Dauplat; Serge Askienazy; Dominique Heymann; Jean-Michel Chezal; Françoise Redini; Elisabeth Miot-Noirault;

Our lab developed 99mTc-NTP 15-5 radiotracer as targeting proteoglycans (PGs) for the scintigraphic imaging of joint. This paper reports preclinical results of 99mTc-NTP 15-5 imaging of an orthotopic model of Swarm rat chondrosarcoma (SRC). 99mTc-NTP 15-5 imaging of SRC... View more
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