From Event-B to Verified C via HLL

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Ge , Ning; Dieumegard , Arnaud; Jenn , Eric; Voisin , Laurent;
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  • Subject: S3 | C | Code generation | Property proof | [ INFO.INFO-SE ] Computer Science [cs]/Software Engineering [cs.SE] | HLL | [ INFO.INFO-PF ] Computer Science [cs]/Performance [cs.PF] | Event-B | [ INFO.INFO-SC ] Computer Science [cs]/Symbolic Computation [cs.SC] | Computer Science - Software Engineering | Equivalence proof

This work addresses the correct translation of an Event-B model to C code via an intermediate formal language, HLL. The proof of correctness follows two main steps. First, the final refinement of the Event-B model, including in-variants, is translated to HLL. At that po... View more
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