The carbon-budget approach to climate stabilization: Cost-effective subglobal versus global action

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Thomas Eichner; Rüdiger Pethig;
  • Publisher: Munich: Center for Economic Studies and Ifo Institute (CESifo)
  • Subject: H21 | carbon emissions, carbon budget, cooperative, unilateral, cost-effective regulation | carbon budget | H23 | Kosten-Wirksamkeits-Analyse | Zwei-Länder-Modell | unilateral | cooperative | Internationale Umweltpolitik | Q54 | Luftverunreinigung | Q58 | Kohlendioxid | carbon emissions | Allgemeines Gleichgewicht | Klimaschutz | Theorie | cost-effective regulation
    • jel: jel:H21 | jel:Q58 | jel:H23 | jel:Q54
      ddc: ddc:330

Scientific expertise suggests that mitigating extreme world-wide climate change damages requires avoiding increases in the world mean temperature exceeding 2 degrees Celsius. To achieve the two degree target, the cumulated global emissions must not exceed some limit, th... View more
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