Global yellow fever vaccination coverage from 1970 to 2016: an adjusted retrospective analysis

Article English OPEN
Shearer, FM; Moyes, CL; Pigott, DM; Brady, OJ; Marinho, F; Deshpande, A; Longbottom, J; Browne, AJ; Kraemer, MUG; O'Reilly, KM; Hombach, J; Yactayo, S; de Araújo, VEM; da Nóbrega, AA; Mosser, JF; Stanaway, JD; Lim, SS; Hay, SI; Golding, N; Reiner, RCJr;

Summary Background: Substantial outbreaks of yellow fever in Angola and Brazil in the past 2 years, combined with global shortages in vaccine stockpiles, highlight a pressing need to assess present control strategies. The aims of this study were to estimate global yello... View more