Asian dust outflow in the PBL and free atmosphere retrieved by NASA CALIPSO and an assimilated dust transport model

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Y. Hara ; K. Yumimoto ; I. Uno ; A. Shimizu ; N. Sugimoto ; Z. Liu ; D. M. Winker (2009)
  • Publisher: Copernicus Publications
  • Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (issn: 1680-7316, eissn: 1680-7324)
  • Subject: Chemistry | [ SDU.OCEAN ] Sciences of the Universe [physics]/Ocean, Atmosphere | QD1-999 | Physics | QC1-999

International audience; Three-dimensional structures of Asian dust transport in the planetary boundary layer (PBL) and free atmosphere occurring successively during the end of May 2007 were clarified using results of space-borne backscatter lidar, Cloud-Aerosol Lidar wi... View more
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