Rare Autism-Associated Variants Implicate Syntaxin 1 (STX1 R26Q) Phosphorylation and the Dopamine Transporter (hDAT R51W) in Dopamine Neurotransmission and Behaviors

Article English OPEN
Cartier, Etienne; Hamilton, Peter J.; Belovich, Andrea N.; Shekar, Aparna; Campbell, Nicholas G.; Saunders, Christine; Andreassen, Thorvald F.; Gether, Ulrik; Veenstra-Vanderweele, Jeremy; Sutcliffe, James S.; Ulery-Reynolds, Paula G.; Erreger, Kevin; Matthies, Heinrich J.G.; Galli, Aurelio;

Background: Syntaxin 1 (STX1) is a presynaptic plasma membrane protein that coordinates synaptic vesicle fusion. STX1 also regulates the function of neurotransmitter transporters, including the dopamine (DA) transporter (DAT). The DAT is a membrane protein that controls... View more
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