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Francisco H C Felix (2017)

Alternative modes of academic publication. What it is: Page for the dissemination of academic papers in alternative formats. Aimed at the diffusion of the idea of open publication, or open access publication, a branch of open science, a multidisciplinary movement that seeks to modify the paradigm of knowledge production that centralizes it and prevents its spreading. Historically, Western tradition has become firmly rooted in the free dissemination of knowledge among peers. However, the concentration of research funding, publication channels and creative capacity around closed institutions of production and publication of knowledge interrupted this tradition on a large scale. Diverse movements inspired by the concepts of free software and open source have joined to form the still evolving concept of open science. This page is not an electronic journal, or periodical, or newspaper, or repository of pre-publications. Like the concepts that I want to defend, I want this creation to be an alternative publication modality itself. The project starts as follows: It is a one-man venture (for now), but open to contributions No periodicity ("published" material is identified by the versioning) There will be no requirement for quality, except for the unambiguous evidence base. - Example: you will not see in this page texts about UFOs or alternative (pseudo)science (the alternative in this page is the format) It will not have a peer review system, but will be open to the free commentary, provided the Code of Conduct is followed. There will never be monetary charges (but I will accept donations). How to use: The information disclosed will always be made available by free licenses compatible with the Open Science movement, especially (but not exclusively) the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. No copyrighted or proprietary copyrighted content will be published, but citations to such protected material may occur if comments on other publications are published. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. By obeying these principles and the consensual ethics of the academic community, any and all available material may be reused, modified, quoted, linked to other pages, or compiled into databases. Disclosure: The project has a webpage generated by GitHub Pages, which can be seen here. How to contribute: Because the page is available in a GitHub repository, the main contribution process is streamlined by it. If you still do not have a GitHub (free) account, sign up, open an issue or duplicate (fork) the repository, add content and make a pull request) to the project. In addition, there is the most usual way of contributing: send an email (any format handled by pandoc), or use any of the social networks that I make available. Finally, comments on the published texts are very welcome. Give your opinion! Who is in charge: Francisco Helder Cavalcante Felix, Pediatric cancerologist staff since 2008 at Hospital Infantil Albert Sabin, Fortaleza - CE, Brazil Member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics - SBP since 2002, Member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Oncology - SOBOPE since 2013, Member of the Society for Neuroncology / Society for Neuroncology Latin America - SNO / SNOLA since 2015 Board certification in pediatrics in 2012, Board certification in pediatric cancerology in 2014 Contact: - twitter: @fhcflx License: <p xmlns:dct=""> <a rel="license" href=""> <img src="" style="border-style: none;" alt="CC0" /> </a> <br />
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