The late provision of medical care to coolies in Indochinese rubber tree plantations: the Michelin model health unit set up in 1925–1939.

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Panthou, Eric;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: colonialism | hospitals | rubber industry | taylorism | [SHS.HIST] Humanities and Social Sciences/History | [ SHS ] Humanities and Social Sciences | preventive medicine | social history | Vietnam | Michelin | malaria | prophylaxis | [ SHS.HIST ] Humanities and Social Sciences/History | coolies | plantation workers | rubber plantations | French Indochina | tropical medicine | [SHS] Humanities and Social Sciences | history of medicine

International audience; More than ten years after the British experience in Malaysia, the medical protection of farm workers, in particular the fight against malaria, became in the mid-1920s an economic and social issue in Indochina, in order to protect the future of th... View more
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