Design, Fabrication, and Efficiency Study of a Novel Solar Thermal Water Heating System: Towards Sustainable Development

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Khan, M. Z. H. ; Al-Mamun, M. R. ; Sikdar, S. ; Halder, P. K. ; Hasan, M. R. (2016)
  • Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
  • Journal: International Journal of Photoenergy (issn: 1110-662X, eissn: 1687-529X)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1155/2016/9698328
  • Subject: TJ807-830 | Renewable energy sources | Article Subject

This paper investigated a novel loop-heat-pipe based solar thermal heat-pump system for small scale hot water production for household purposes. The effective use of solar energy is hindered by the intermittent nature of its availability, limiting its use and effectiveness in domestic and industrial applications especially in water heating. The easiest and the most used method is the conversion of solar energy into thermal energy. We developed a prototype solar water heating system for experimental test. We reported the investigation of solar thermal conversion efficiency in different seasons which is 29.24% in summer, 14.75% in winter, and 15.53% in rainy season. This paper also discusses the DC heater for backup system and the current by using thermoelectric generator which are 3.20 V in summer, 2.120 V in winter, and 1.843 V in rainy season. This solar water heating system is mostly suited for its ease of operation and simple maintenance. It is expected that such novel solar thermal technology would further contribute to the development of the renewable energy (solar) driven heating/hot water service and therefore lead to significant environmental benefits.
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