Waterloo: a Godsend for French Public Finances?

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Oosterlinck, Kim; Ureche-Rangau, Loredana; Vaslin, Jacques-Marie;
  • Subject: financial history | F34 | Sovereign debt | G15 | Waterloo | N23 | default | Sovereign debt; bond pricing; France; default; financial history; Waterloo | International Lending and Debt Problems | Financial Markets and Institutions: Europe: Pre-1913 [Economic History] | Sovereign debt, bond pricing, France, default, financial history, Waterloo | France | bond pricing | Economie | International Financial Markets
    • jel: jel:F34 | jel:G15 | jel:N23

Following Waterloo, managing French public finances represented a daunting task. Defeated France had lost a substantial part of its population and territory. The country was partially occupied and France was to pay huge amounts as reparations to the victors. Furthermore... View more
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