Consumer Acceptance of Eco-Labeled Fish: A Mexican Case Study

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Mónica Pérez-Ramírez; Marco A. Almendarez-Hernández; Gerzaín Avilés-Polanco; Luis F. Beltrán-Morales;
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  • Journal: Sustainability, volume 7, issue 4 4, pages 1-18 (issn: 2071-1050)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/su7044625
  • Subject: seafood | TD194-195 | Renewable energy sources | eco-labeling; seafood; dolphin-safe; MSC certification; consumer preferences; probit model | TJ807-830 | eco-labeling | MSC certification | GE1-350 | Environmental sciences | dolphin-safe | Environmental effects of industries and plants | consumer preferences | probit model
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Fish eco-labeling is a market-based incentive program for sustainable fisheries. This paper examines consumers’ acceptance of eco-labeled fish by using data from a pilot study conducted in a coastal area of northwestern Mexico. An ordered probit model was applied, using... View more
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